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121Cure is a division of Medical Network Private Limited launched by nationally and internationally renowned Doctors, Technocrats, and Management Experts. We help doctors engage with patients in a technologically advanced and scientific manner keeping the human touch intact. We don’t believe in changing the system, we believe in strengthening the system.

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Telemedicine Platform
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For Patients

Patient’s gentle hand-holding right from giving appointments to tests, diet, online medicines to ease in reconnecting with a doctor online or physically is what we offer.

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    Pathological tests
    Extensive range of lab tests in a pocket-friendly manner.
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    Diet Chart
    Well organized diet charts & recipes as per conditions.
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    Online Medicines
    An extensive variety of medicine is available.
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    Tele Consultations
    AI driven appointment manager to manage your appointments.
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    Health Records
    Patients Health records are stored in a proper format.
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Our Services

For Doctors

Ease In Treatment

Instant access to Patients Health records, drug information (applicability, interactions, and side effects), and disease information.

Artificial Intelligence

Extensive analysis of selected patients’ history, medical records, and prognosis will offer insight into a possible treatment plan.

Knowledge base

121Cure will provide doctors detailed knowledge on medicines options, applicability, interactions, and side effects.

Strong Web Presence

For tech-savvy audiences enable instant access with a highly optimized doctor’s website.

Brand Building

Along with a website, we will assist doctors in writing articles and preparing web videos.

Social Media

A highly optimized web presence, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

Telemedicine Platform Modules

EHR/PM Integration

Providers want telemedicine software that adds a new way to deliver services without adding additional complexity. EHR/PM integration makes it easy to add video visits to the mix without additional friction.

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Mobile App for Patients

The object of telemedicine software is to make it as easy as possible for patients to get the care they need from anywhere. That’s why it is important to provide both a mobile app and the ability to use a browser.

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HIPAA Compliant Video

Not all video connections are secure enough to provide the patient confidentiality protections required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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Custom Branding

With more than 80% of urban patients 'Googling” for a doctor before visiting a clinic, a professional medical website ensures prominent online visibility for your practice.

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Anyone can access the online appointment management system via the URL provided by you or through a “Book Now” button on the website.

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Patients can assess their prescriptions from anywhere. Patients will also be able to check their past prescriptions via this and evaluate it anytime they wish to consult the doctor about it.

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For Clinics & Hospitals

A technology product for clinics and hospitals which lets them deliver an exceptional visitor experience to patients.

For Doctors

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Abdominoplasty, Earlobe Correction, Cleft Lip, Facial Rejuvenation & Liposuction Surgery.


One of the top urologists pioneered the first robotic renal (Kidney) transplant in the world.


Aortic surgery, Bypass surgery, Carotid artery surgery, Electrophysiology & Vascular surgery.

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Help patients visualize how your services can benefit them. Before and After photos on your website allow current and prospective patients to see your work.

Blogs for Doctors (sample section)

Medical Marketing Insights

Because medicine is a service-oriented profession, medical practitioners must embrace marketing today, including online marketing, in addition to practicing medicine. Whether you are a cosmetic dentist, orthopedic specialist, or vascular surgeon, if you don’t have a blog on your website, you're missing out on an opportunity to strut your stuff, so to speak. Our team will help you to generate your personalize content and publish it on your website like:

5 Reasons why you should choose a plastic surgeon

According to Social Media Today, a small business that had a blog generates more than 125% more leads and more than 60 percent of consumers made a purchase based on a blog post they read. Also, 81 percent of consumers indicated they trusted the information and advice they received from a blog.

A new revolutionary method to plastic surgery

Press releases are a fabulous way for medical practitioners to enhance their online presence, build credibility, create buzz, and market themselves and their practice. They are also an ideal way to deliver new developments about your practice or services offered, as long as they are not overly promotional.

Are you in need of liposuction?

Positioning yourself as a medical expert intensifies your credibility, and it helps prospective patients feel comfortable in choosing you and your medical practice for their health needs.

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